Realtek 8139 and Linux.

Ricardo Pereira
Fri Aug 6 09:13:57 1999

Hello Mr. Donald Becker.

My name's Ricardo Pereira. Resorting to this mail cuz I've given up all
hope on this stupid card. Maybe you could give me more ideas, but I've
spent so much time trying to get this network card up.

1) Running Kernel 2.2.5
2) Using "your" latest Realtek 8129/8139 driver (as the eth0 module).
3) Pentium III 450.
4) Motherboard Asus P2V-B AGP.
5) Realtek 8139 Fast Ethernet at IRQ=10, IO=0xd000.

Anymore details needed?
The problem: The network is a-okay. Gets loaded and I can telnet, ftp,
vnc, etc. Thing is as soon as I "flood" the card with network traffic I
get Tx errors when checking eth0 with ifconfig. I noticed you mentioned
this could be because of non-bus-mastering PCI slots. I agree. The
manual for the motherboard mentions that all 3 PCI slots are
bus-mastering *shrug* It's in PCI #1 slot anyway. But I've tried
everything (even turning off WOL) and turning off PNP OS in the CMOS.
All to no avail. Any ideas, hints? I used your diagnostic tool too. All
looks fine.
Need more details? I can issue you with output of these screens if you

Any help appreciated, thanks

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