rtl8139 problems

Octavian PURDILA purdila@sundy.cs.pub.ro
Tue Apr 20 11:41:40 1999

	First I want to thank to Donald for the great work he did. Also I
want to thank the developers of the Beowulf, nice work :)

	I have some problems with my RTL8139 network card. It is anm ACORP
card, with the realtek chip on it.  The problem is that it is not running
in full duplex mode (even in Windows). If I switch in the (windows) driver
from 100Mb to 10Mb it starts working. It is even working with linux when
the other partner it is Windows 10Mb. 

	The linux driver is seeing a 100Mb full-duplex connection, but it
is not working. It seems that one of the sides does not receive data (I
check the /proc/net/dev) I've switch the cards, but still that side is not
receiving. If the not receiving side is Windows all trafic works ok. If
the other side is Windows I can do ftp/finger/telnet from windows to linux
but from linux I can't get a positive ping of the Windows side. 

	I do not have a HUB switching (not need one for only 2 computers
I guess), but the cable is correctly made, as the ATI2500 cards works on
a similar cable (in 100MBs mode). It is really strange (or I am really
dumb :)...

	The only solution that I see is to force the half duplex mode in
linux. (when the other side is Windows the driver report using
half-duplex, GP 08, and the MII register is 0). I've tried to do a force
by writing 0 when the card it is init. in the mii, but when I use this the
GP is 00, and it does not work).

	What else can I do? 

Octavian Purdila

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