Sudden Timeout error & rtl8139 problems and the fix...

James Stevens
Fri Sep 11 12:05:20 1998

I just tried the line 999 fix and it certainly stops the Tx problem I
was seeing completely. Before, I could re-produce the problem in a
matter of seconds, now I have had the 8139 running for some time at it
is still fine.

THANKS loads, Donald. Now all I need is for you to work the same magic
on the EEPro-100 driver !!!!!

We are pretty keen on building Beowulf systems commercially and would
like to use a small box, e.g. the Mitac Essentia II
( or the B-Com WinNet
II ( 

The Mitac is a bigger box, but will take a 333xPII. The B-Com is a much
small box, but is only a 200 MediaGX. But both use the Intel 10/100
EEPro (82258). Hence I'd really like the Linux driver to work.

By the way, have you seen the British library's on-line version of the
original Beowulf manuscript at "" ? You
should really have a link to it from your Beowulf page !

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