rtl8139 problems

James Stevens James.Stevens@jrcs.co.uk
Fri Sep 4 10:08:14 1998

Donald Becker wrote:
> Anyway, the good news is the reset code immediately restarted the chip and
> everything continued running.  So I'll release this driver and wait for
> reports.

Thanks for trying out "open_socket", Donald. You have seen one timeout,
but I get loads. My suspicion is that this is becuase I an running over
10Mhz ethernet and the server is satrating it, is this what you are
using ? I have run open_socket over 10Mhz ethernet between two NE2000's
and had 1,200,000 bytes/s and no problems at all, but it does take it
out of the CPU a bit !!

I also have what looks like a very similar problem with the EEPro driver
and open_socket, although the EEPro driver only needs traffic in one
direction to lock up the entire Linux system (2.0.33). With my EEPro
chip the restart takes a significant amount of time (seconds) which hits
throughput hard even on a simple telnet session (say doing an "ls -l").

In my case the chargen server is a P75 with a Longshine NE2000 and a
P200 & Longshine 8139 as the client. The server is on co-ax the client
is off a cheap 10Mhz 8 port D-Link hub.

I'll try the new driver and gen you in when I have the knowledge.

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