rtl8139.c V1.04 conflicts with CMD646U2 PCI-IDE controller

MHC chiumh@ms15.hinet.net
Fri Oct 9 03:18:07 1998

As title,

kernel 2.0.34,
rtl8139.c v1.04,
with CMD 646U2 PCI IDE controller

Message during boot:

ide2: at 0x6000-0x6007,0x6402 on IRQ9

... block device attached to CMD is correctly identified

v1.04 9/22/98 .....
eth0: RealTek RTL8139 FastEthernet at 0x7400, IRQ 9, 00:00:e8:4f:37:37

Your ethernet card was not initilalized properly ....

after login for a while,

eth0: Tramsnit timeout status 01 0000  ...04
eth0: Txqueue start entry 4 dirty entry 0

If CMD 646 isn't activated, then RTL8139 works fine.
Is it something to do with the fact that the two
PCI cards share IRQ 9 ?

M.H. Chou

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