rtl8139 problems

Peter Straube Peter.Straube@rz.tu-ilmenau.de
Wed Nov 4 06:23:54 1998

Hallo programmers

First sorry for my bad english.
I've got some questions about the rtl8139-driver. We've got a students
network with nearly 200 pc's and we use linux for all servers and
router. Two week ago we've bought some Longshine-100Mb-ethernetcards
with a realtek8139 chipset on it.
We use in this time a 2.0.33 kernel and the driverversion of the chipset
0.99A. Sometimes the router stops their work for the 100Mb kabel during
the other cards(8029chipset) work without any problems, and a reboot
make it works. Now I've got the newest driver (1.04)  and an one pc with
only one 100Mb card inside work nearly without problems.
If I take this driver for pc's with more then one cards inside the card
don't start to work. During the bootsequence  the card was been seen by
the system without any problems, an ifconfig shows me that  all is
correct, but a ping to an other router is without success. On your
homepage you wrote you released this driver for the 2.0.36 kernel.
Now my questions: do you get an url for the 2.0.36 kernel
                              is this problem known or what  have I to
do for working more then one cards in oure routers in on pc

A trainstation is a station where the train stops
what the hell is a workstation? ?-)

 Bye Peter Straube alias Gott Lee

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