AT2500 Ethernet card

Andrew Schepler
Fri Dec 11 07:32:23 1998

I've been attempting to install Linux (Debian) on my machine (686 Intel)
via FTP to my Windows partition / mounting partition in Linux. However,
my ethernet card, Allied Telesyn 2500v2 PCI, is not easy to get a Linux
driver to work with.  The problem seems to be that the card is not
detected correctly.

A friend compiled the Linux kernel custom for me a few times to try to
fix this.  Drivers tried were: AMD PCI, PCnet32, PCI NE2000, RealTek
8129/8139.  Also, we tried to use the module rtl8139 (as suggested by
Donald Becker in his post about this problem, ), but insmod returned
"get_kernel_syms: Function not implemented".

So are there any updates on this card, or any other methods to try to
help Linux detect the card?  TIA for your advice.

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