[realtek-bug] AT 2500TX card using rtl8139 chip - card shuts down when rtl8139 module is loaded

Steven Manos manos@ozemail.com.au
Fri Apr 5 11:50:01 2002


I hope someone can help me with this since I have had a look around the
web/google etc, and the relavant sites for this card, but can't find

I am installing Slackware 8.0 via NFS on my old P 166 / 64MB ram system. I
use the basic IDE only boot disk for the installation. Later on it gets to
the stage where you have to specify / install a module for your network card
for the NFS install. Using the auto-find feature of the installation
process, it finds the driver rtl8139 and inserts it. About 0.5 seconds after
the rtl8139 module has been inserted, the lights on the PCI network card go
off! The same thing happens with the 8139too module.

I tried using insmod rtl8139 and modprobe, but the same problem. I really
have no idea what is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.