[realtek-bug] 8139too Driver for Redhat 7.2 @ 100 Mbit

Ashwin Kutty Ashwin Kutty <Ashwin.Kutty@Dal.Ca>
Fri Nov 16 08:59:01 2001


I have an SMC1211TX ethernet card in my linux system and with RH 7.1 I was
able to set it at 100MbitFD with mii-diag.. But now that I have upgraded
to RH7.2 I cant set it to a 100Mbit either with mii-diag or mii-tool that
comes with RH 7.2 .. Is there any way I can set it to a 100 MB.. It used
to be easy with the old 8139too driver and/or the rtl8139 driver..