startfire driver problem?

Kirk Patton
Wed Dec 8 11:43:55 1999


I am using the starfire v0.12 with a stock Redhat 6.0 i386 box.

Under heavy network loads such as ftp or network backups, I get the
following message, repeatedly in the messages file.

- 6 16:55:51 qr-beta kernel: eth0: Transmit timed out, status
00000000, resetting...
Dec  6 16:55:51 qr-beta
Dec  6 16:55:51 qr-beta syslogd: Cannot glue message parts together
Dec  6 16:55:51 qr-beta kernel: cc011 0472e811 0e9ad011 0a4ac011
0dba3811 03d18011 0e5e0811 0d8fd811 0dba3011 0e5e0011 0669a011
03d1e011 0edf5811 0cbc6811 069f9811 07ede811 0cbc7011 007dd811
0e8ef011 0066d811 0669b811 062c8011 04152011 0e091011 03cf1811
0fb65811 0ca5f011 03cf0811 09d36811 03d75811 0d085811 0a554011
0e8ee011 0fb53011 03cf8811 0bc97811 06e93011 03cc3011 069f9011
04e68011 007dc011 07ede011 0fb64011 03d18811 03d17011 0e8ee811
0bc97011 01de2811 0bc96811 0a191011 0472e011 0a555811 0e090011
04461011 021a7811 0cbc7811 075e0011 05594011 069f8011 0cbc6011
03d75011 0bf09811 05b5e011 0e553011 03cc2811 030d2011 0066c011
03791811 0ca5e011 0fc91011 0fb65011 0c8f6811 05594811 08473011
0c8f7011 0fb64811 0ef1b811 0a555011 03d0a811 03cf0011 01de2011
05595811 03790011 0e5e1811 0d059811 03c48011 09d37811 04049811
021a7011 0e9ad811 0fb53811 0e043011 081ae011 03d1e811 07d0b011
03c48811 021f9811 0e9ac811 04048011 03d17811 03ce6811 075e081
The machine becomes unavailable to network requests.  A reboot
temporairly resolves the problem.

I am trying to find out if there is a later driver or if this is even
a bug with the driver at all.

I do not know what this message means.  Is anyone able to refer me to
the proper resource to help me resolve this problem?

The web pages listed in the source of the driver is not accessable

I did locate a page that had a pointer to the drive I am currently using.
But there were no updates.

Thanks in advance,

Kirk Patton
System Administrator
CA Microprocessor Division
Advanced Micro Devices
Phone (408) 774-7883
Pgr. (408) 870-5461
Fax (408)774-7606

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