New version of rtl8139-diag available.

Donald Becker
Fri Apr 30 01:50:22 1999

rtl8139-diag.c v1.01 of 4/30/99

Many minor updates, but nothing important.

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, [Unix Admin(] wrote:

> I've looked through the source, i've looked through realtek's
> documentation, i've browsed the newsgroups on dejanews, i've joined the
> realtek mailing list, i've posted to debian's mailing list..your my last
> hope :)
> is it possible to set the Realtek 8129 to half duplex?  I set it to half
> in the ROM but i believe the driver is overriding this, as i get several
> hundred thousand collisions.

The part is in half duplex mode by default.
Unless you see "Media type forced to Full Duplex." the start-up messages the
duplex is negotiated using NWay

You can verify that the chip is in half-duplex mode by running rtl8139-diag
and checking the contents of register Config1 at offset 0x52.
The Config1 register is shown as the second value in the output string
 The chip configuration is 0x%2.2x 0x%2.2x, %s mode.

It should read 0x20 rather than 0x60.

I've added a text string to the new version of rtl8139-diag.c to make this
easier to verify.

Donald Becker
USRA-CESDIS, Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences.
Code 930.5, Goddard Space Flight Center,  Greenbelt, MD.  20771

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