[netdrivers] Re: Problem with sundance driver with DFE-580TX

Michael Gellman m.gellman at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Oct 26 02:55:39 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 14:32 +0200, Dalimil Gala wrote:
> Although there is no more resetting now we have found out that the 
> driver (or whatever behind the scene) ignores or filters out incoming 
> multicast RIP packets from RIP neighbours. But as soon as I start 
> tcpdump the RIP packets come through OK (doesn't matter if I use the
> -p 
> switch in tcpdump or not)! When the tcpdump is stopped the RIP
> packets 
> become ignored again and the RIP routes die off. We use zebra /
> quagga  
> as routing daemon - quagga_0.96.5-8.backports.org.1_i386.deb with MD5 
> support for BGP sessions. The router usually runs RIP and BGP.

I seem to remember I had a problem similar to this -- I think it's a
problem with the multicast filtering in the driver.

My fix was to enable the "allmulti" option on the card using ifconfig.

Hope that helps,

Michael Gellman

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