[netdrivers] VLAN patch for natsemi?

Joe Nelson josephnelson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 17:47:45 PDT 2005

I hope this is the right list for this type of question.  After hours
of searching Google and a lot of trial and error, I'm hoping someone
will be able to point me in the right direction.

I have a Soekris net4501 board with natsemi ethernet onboard.  I'm
running Debian with a 2.6.8 kernel.  I'd like to enable VLANs on this
device.  There's an issue where the current driver doesn't support
packets larger than 1500 bytes.  The VLAN adds 4 bytes to that and
things generally go haywire when that happens.

I've found a number of patches for the 2.4.X kernels.  I haven't been
able to find any patches for the 2.6.8 kernel.  Here are the

1.  Does a patch exist for th 2.6.8 kernel?
2.  If not, how easy/hard would it be to modify one of the 2.4 patches to work?

Thanks in advance.

Joe Nelson
Air Wired

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