[epic] Issues with ethernet card..

Karl Bellve Karl.Bellve@umassmed.edu
Mon Sep 9 15:02:01 2002

I have a linux box machine that has been fairly reliable for the past 3
years. Originally, I had to compile a new epic100 driver since the
default one that shipped with redhat had some issues. Recently, I
upgraded to RH7.3 on this machine which now uses version 1.11 dated
1/7/2001. Upgrade to RH7.3 was several months ago. Machine has been
working fine until this past week.

The problem is that the machines network access suddenly became buggy.
If I ping to or from the machine, it will start dropping packets. More
packets will drop when larger packet sizes. I am trying to track down
the problem and I don't think it is the machine. About 5% will drop with
a packet size of 500 (508). A 60% loss when 5000 (5008). Command I use
is Ping -A -s5000 <host>

ifconfig shows no errors, no drops, no overruns, and no collisions.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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