[epic] HELP!!!!!!

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Tue, 23 Jan 2001 14:57:20 -0800

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Hello I just installed Red Hat 6.X I dont even know which version it is 
. Its the one where the installation is goes into X mode (the more 
graphical version ) . I have an SMC 112TX and for linux I take it that 
I have to install the reltek 8139 driver for this card to work on my 
system I downloaded the RPM and installed but know what ?!!!! I'm new 
to linux and dont have a clue and some 
of the source code and other things on the page seem like another 
language to me . could you write me the directions in some 
a form of steps that should be taken do i  have to complie any of that 
code (driver.c pci-scan.c ext) or can I just use the RPM 
if I just need to use the RPM what steps should I take I took thoes 
steps on the page but know what do I do ?