Juergen Quade
Sun Mar 19 03:47:44 2000

> Hi!
> My name is Norbert Tutos.I am a biginner.
> I have a SMC EtherPower II network adapter(83c171) combo card, and an Intel 810 mainboard, I use it with the 83c170 epic 100 driver.
> My card does not working, exactly once OK once no.
> The IRQ and I/O are OK.
> What should I do?
> If you have an idea  I really thank you.
> Please inform me if you can help.

There are two hints:
1. There are some timing problems with the driver done by Donald,
   but there is a patched version of the driver done by
   I have forgotten, where I found that driver, but you can
   search the EPIC-Mailing-list archive to find it.
   Oh yes, there is also an archive of 1999 and 2000. Just
   change the Year in the list-archive URL.
2. There is driver done by SMC themselves. You can contact and ask for the Linux-driver.

Hope this helps,

> With kind regards from : Norbert Tutos.
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