[epic] Re: epic100.c fix for 2.2.x kernels

Jeff Garzik jgarzik@mandrakesoft.mandrakesoft.com
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 02:27:18 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, Andreas Steinmetz wrote:
> The first thing I tried was to get a current driver for 2.2.x kernels from the
> driver author's website - to no avail, new drivers only for development kernels.

Not true, Donald's drivers do -not- work with development kernels
(except for early ones).

You are most likely not downloading all the modules required,
pci-scan.*, kern_compat.h, etc.  In general if I have problems with a
2.2.x bundled kernel driver, I'll download one from Donald's site and
try it.