Problem encountered and solved with epic100.c thanks to Terry Barnaby

Nick Busigin
Wed Jan 26 21:52:52 2000

I ran into problems again with the epic100 driver when trying to upgrade
my kernel from 2.0.35 to 2.2.14 today.  This is something I have run
into with other kernel upgrades I have done. Perhaps it is my system
that's a little weird, because very few people seem to run into this. 
After trying the latest couple of drivers from Donald's site, I was
stumped.  So, I searched through my archive of messages from this
mailing list and found a message from Terry Barnaby mentioning that he
had a patched version of Donald's driver that solved the following

 *   Problems:
 *       Locking up on transmit oocasionaly
 *       Not powering up correctly, sometimes
 *       Possible fail after 2G packets (Will probably still fail
 *       after 4G

I installed Terry's version of the driver, recompiled my module,
installed it and presto! The driver works beautifully! 

For your interest, Terry's patched driver can be found at:

Thanks for the fix Terry! 


Nick Busigin  ...Sent from my Debian/GNU Linux Machine...

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