Fiber Optic solution ...

Juergen Quade
Fri Feb 25 14:26:48 2000

Knowing that this list is not very responding :-(
here maybe some valuable information:

As I identified the driver for the SMC EtherPower II card
provided by Donald Becker is not working with the
fiber PHY interface.

The same is true for SMC EtherPower II and NetBsd.

But ...

I mailed to and asked them to provide
me with the necessary information in order to find
the problem with the fiber interface.

They answered very quickly and attached to their answer
an zip archive, containing a _working_ driver for the
EtherPower II card :-) .
Their driver is _not_ based on Donalds driver.
I am not able to distribute the driver - although they gave
me the source code - because they mark the code as
"confidential", but I am sure they will send it to
everybody, who asked.

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