epic100 timeouts

Sylvain Randier srandier@etu.utc.fr
Sat Apr 29 10:24:13 2000


I have tried to have this card working with a linux 2.2.14 kernel. Chip
is 83c171 A2QF. 

The NIC isn't transmitting data at all. Symptoms are TX transmit error TX

When replacing the driver shipped with the kernel (v1.04) with v1.06, the  
card won't trasmit more. But _8_ interfaces are found instead 
of one.

I found a patch on this list (see below). But it doesn't solve the
v1.07h isn't working for me too...

Did someone manage to have this NIC work ? 

Thank you very much for your help.

--- epic100.c Thu Mar 4 12:51:09 1999 
+++ epic100.c Thu Mar 4 14:53:04 1999 
@@ -621,7 +621,9 @@ 
            required by the details of which bits are reset and the
            wiring on the Ositech CardBus card. 
+#if 0 
         outl(0x12, ioaddr + MIICfg); 
         if (ep->chip_flags & MII_PWRDWN) 
                 outl((inl(ioaddr + NVCTL) & ~0x003C) | 0x4800, ioaddr +

Sylvain Randier
Universite de Technologie de Compiegne (UTC)
60200 Compiegne - France

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