Epic 100 1st connections

Valentijn Sessink valentyn+killspam@nospam.openoffice.nl
Fri Apr 14 05:33:46 2000

Hello list, hello Donald,

I'm using "Epic 100" SMC9432 cards for a whole lot of computers. Never
had any problems with them - apart from the PCI bus error I reported
back in '98 (that was resolved). But now, kernel 2.2.14 and 2.2.14 show
some strange behaviour on startup. They repeatedly do not show any
connectivity on first try - we need to reboot, then second time it
works. Once in a while, this behaviour is accompanied by a "kmalloc -
size too large" on first network traffic try - but not always.

As far as I can remember, the second try always works, but my collegue
Wouter mentions that he "uses the Big Red one" because a soft reboot
(ctrl alt del) "did not work one time, IIRC".

This is on a variety of computers, a dual processor Abit board, an
Athlon 550. The slower computers (K6-400 et al.) seem to not show this

Kernel 2.2.14 and 2.2.15pre15, Debian and Slackware, 100Mbit, no shared
PCI int's, and for the rest pretty standard hardware. We're not sure
what to do next, so could anyone tell us what we could do to help
debugging the problem?

Best regards,

Valentijn Sessink
Valentijn Sessink - valentyn@nospam.openoffice.nl
No one can yet predict what future archaeologists may
    find in Redmond.  -  John Pancharian, LinuxWorld
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