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Nick Busigin nick@xwing.org
Sat Sep 25 08:32:34 1999

On 25 Sep 1999, Thomas Hungenberg wrote:

> I had similar problems about 2 weeks ago.
> A card worked fine in a machine with epic.c v0.99B and 2.0.34 kernel
> but another didn't work with a standard Debian 2.1 installation with
> kernel 2.0.36 and epic.c v1.03 (as module!).
> After building a new 2.0.36 kernel with a version of epic.c v1.07 I
> found somewhere on the net (AFAIR through the archive of linux-epic,
> not on the official driver page!) the card works fine now!
> I haven't had the time yet to check whether the reason for this is the
> new version of the driver or simply the fact that it was _not_ built
> as module.

Hi Thomas,

I don't think that building it as a module should make much difference.
I have a similar set-up to you and am running the epic100 driver as a


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