'Porting' Driver...

Chris Liscio cliscio@ati.com
Thu Oct 28 12:39:45 1999

Hello fellow net-developers...

I just joined this list and I was wondering if you could help me with a port
of this driver.  I use the EPIC driver under Linux almost every day and have
had no problems whatsoever with it.  Good work guys.  But that's not my
whole message. :)

I have recently purchased the BeOS and realized that there is no EPIC
support (or much support for ANY network devices) at the moment.  I have
taken time to try and rectify this and was wondering if any of you out there
have either a) already developed this driver or b) have any experience with
Be drivers.  I am pretty much done the starting up and interrupt enabling of
the card but haven't written the in/out functions just yet.  I was also
wondering if anyone else out there would like to help me with this in their
spare time by testing it on their own Be systems.  I will most likely have
it done fairly soon, but it will be a crappy hack at first.  I would like to
make it pretty presentable and as bug-free as possible so it can eventually
be submitted to the Be community.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Liscio
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