SMC EtherPower II problem

Marcus Metzler
Mon Nov 29 08:40:55 1999

I have a problem with the SMC Etherpower II driver (epic100.c).
The driver recognizes the card and I can start networking the problem
is that nothing seems to come through from or to the card. The lights
on the card show the correct media setting (half-duplex 10BaseT) and
also blink when packages are sent or received, but I can't reach any
other machine (with ping or anything else).
Does anybody know what might be the problem. I am using suse 6.2 with
kernel version 2.2.10 (the epic100 driver is version 1.06). I also
tried the driver version 1.07, but no change.


Dr. Marcus Metzler
Universitaet zu Koeln              Tel.   : +49 221 470 6010
Weyertal 80                        Fax    : +49 221 470 5160
D-50931 Koeln, Germany             e-mail :
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