epic100 driver

Adam Scislowicz core@triron.net
Sun Jan 24 21:40:56 1999

The epic100 driver when compiled as a module, or in the kernel will case my
computer to reboot, I can reproduce it, but not easily. When transmitting data
at 100mbps FULL_DUPLEX via scp or ftp the transmitting computer, in this case
an AMD K6 will reboot. I suspect the epic_tx_timeout function only because
each time it locks up the transfer seems to first delay for more then a
second... Also my tranfer rates have been ~400-700kbps, I was expecting much
higher, I am using a crossover cable to be sure there are no other bottlenecks
and two systems both with epic100's connected to each other...
Thank you for your time, if you dont see a problem right away I can try to
obtain more debugging info, but because it reboots my machine immediately I
havent been able to get much info...

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