Problem with EPIC/100 latching up on RX

Terry Barnaby
Thu Feb 25 10:31:34 1999

We have a problem with networking under Linux. We believe it is
associated with
the EPIC/100 Ethernet card driver, but it could be the Linux netwoking
The problem is that the ethernet interface seems to lock up occassionly.
appears that the system will accept no more packets until a packet is

It appears to be timing or packet size related. Using a tcp/ip test
the systems lock up when a transmitted buffer size of around 2568 bytes
sent via a write() call. With this saturated test the system will lock
about once per second.

The systems are:

 Motherboard: Supermicro P6DBU
 Processors: Pentium II 450Mhz
 Ethernet: SMC Etherpower II
 Linux:  RedHat 5.2
 Kernel:  2.0.36
 Driver:  EPIC/100 v1.03
 Hub:  Allied telesyn MR904TX

We have noticed this problem for around 6 months now with other
processors, hubs and switches, kernel versions and EPIC driver versions,
but have finaly got
around to trying to track down the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas ?



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