system hard-hangs w/ dual 400MHz & epic100
Thu Sep 24 12:26:55 1998

To followup on my own post, I compiled a non-SMP 2.0.35 kernel and got 2
systems to run for about 30 hours until they decided to hard-hang within
about 90 minutes of each other this morning.  Not good, as about 30
people lost their work. :-(

I have 2 other similar systems running w/ a 3c509, and they're still
ok, although they still get Tx timeouts occasionally.  I suspect this
may be due to the poor NFS client implementation on Linux.

Again, for the record:
Motherboard: Tyan Tiger 100
CPU: 2x400MHz P-II
Network: SMC EtherPower II (or 3Com 3c509)
Kernel: 2.0.35
Usage: multiuser Xsession systems running as NFS client to a Solaris

- Steve

//                 Steve Johnson, Systems Administrator
// Dept of Mathematics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843
//    Phone: (409)845-4267

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