Etherpower II: Flashing LED, no Contact

Ralf Tschiersch
Mon Aug 31 13:01:49 1998

Hello -

I have Problems getting a 9432TX to work in any System. The environment:

 - Kernel is Linux 2.0.27, 2.0.29 or 2.0.33 (regardless), 

 - Mainboards are Gigabyte GA586SG or several HX/TX Chipset types

 - epic100.o comes from v1.02 or v.1.04, both compiled well, no errors

 - cabling tested with several approved CAT5-cables

 - connection tried to the following devices:
   * Switches at 100Mbit, 10Mbit and one with autonegotiating
   * one Hub at fixed 10Mbit
   * crossover-cables to another Host running Ne2000-Clone at 10Mbit

In any machine I tried there was a Ne2000-Clone as eth0 running fine for
years (...). 

I have also payed attention to the PCI-Slot and BIOS IRQ-Handling, but
everywhere I try I get (in messages)

Aug 31 18:29:43 calvin kernel: epic100.c:v1.02 8/5/98 Donald Becker
Aug 31 18:29:43 calvin kernel: eth1: SMC EPIC/100 (chip ID 0005) at 0x6000, IRQ 10, 00:e0:29:0f:81:65.
Aug 31 18:29:43 calvin kernel: eth1: MII transceiver #3 found, control 3000 status 7809 advertising 01e1 negotiated 0001.
Aug 31 18:29:43 calvin kernel:   PCI latency timer (CFLT) is 0x20. 

and (in syslog)

Aug 31 18:29:43 calvin kernel: EEctrl is 61.
Aug 31 18:29:43 calvin kernel:  e000EEctrl is 61.
Aug 31 18:29:43 calvin last message repeated 14 times 
(this message several Times).

All I can see is the syslog-message and the onboard LED flashing 

	100, Link, 100, none, 100, Link, 100, none, 100, ...


No TX/RX, no stable Link... the Device can be configured via ifconfig, 
but neither switch nor hub nor crossover-card comes up with an active 
link (indeed, they also blink in the same order/speed!)

What went wrong? I have compiled the diagnostic programs but the output 
is not very, hum, sharp for me. 

I suppose the card is defective in the transceiver-area onboard, but what 
tools do I have to find out clearly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, If I have to provide any other 
data, I will do so.

Thanks in advance -

Aachen, Germany

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