performance problems using SMC9432 on an Asus PVI486SP3

Alexander List
Wed Aug 12 18:13:04 1998


we have performance problems here using SMC 9432 cards with the latest
epic100.c:v1.03 8/7/98. The version of the driver that ships with 2.0.35
didn't work at all. We are using Kernel 2.0.35, have a 3com Superstack
II Switch 3300 and 3com 3c595TX cards on the "other end". Hardware is an
ASUS PVI486SP3 with 64M RAM, 1GB HDD, Jazz G-Force 128 video card.

FTP transfers from the 3com-based Linux machines reached as much as
17854464 bytes received in 18.3 secs (9.5e+02 Kbytes/sec)
or even more.

Transfers from the 9432 based machine to one of the 3com base machines
reaches 2.2e+02 Kbytes/sec at max.

I already tried to "tune" some of the parameters at the beginning of the
driver, but experienced no change.

Thanks for any hints


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