[eepro100] Micro code of i82557

Zhang, Xing Z xing.z.zhang at intel.com
Tue Oct 16 20:52:50 PDT 2007

Hi All:
	I am doing an eepro100 emulator for QEMU that is dynamic binary translation emulator. All my works based on a native 
I82557 card. Now my emulator can work in linux but not windows.
When I debugging into windows, I found the windows driver will
execute a load microcode CU command, which patches microcode on card's RAM and changes its behavior. 
	After microcode loaded, the driver delivers some unknown 
commands to CUC(not CB list) such as 0011. I guess it's related
to microcode which is loaded before. 
	I google it, but found no doc for developing microcode patches. Could anyone kindly give me some hints(how can I get these docs)? Great thx.

BTW: I found the sample driver of WDK is based on eepro100 card,
and it's fine to my emulator. Seems it also has many differences 
with official driver.

Good good study,day day up ! ^_^
-Wing(zhang xin)

OTC,Intel Corporation

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