[eepro100] pci status error 0x2a80..

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Tue Mar 18 14:03:05 2003

On 18 Mar 2003, ashish  anand wrote:

> In my linux driver for 82557 card on newly develpoed BSP for a 
> MIPS board,
> I am able to receive all the packets on LAN, but I amn't able to 
> transmit any packet and get a pci status error 0x2a80.
> Basic requirements like interupts , pci-dma all looks fine 
> ..though I
> require to debug furher but i have a immediate question , that
> pci status 0x2a80 tells me pci master and target abort ..but
> 1.I amn't able to understand after setting pci command register 
> appropiately  ..why it happens?
> 2. even if it reports pci master and target abort how the card is 
> able to receive packets continously..

If you can receive but not transmit, check that the command unit base
address register is set correctly.  Note that there is an (apparently
undocumented) timing requirement on some chip revs.

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