[eepro100] eepro100 startup problem on PPC8245

"Callebaut, Benoît" benoit.callebaut@barco.com
Sat Mar 8 20:28:01 2003

We use two 82559 MAC/PHY controllers on an embedded system based on a
PowerPC 8245 running Hardhat 2.1 from Montavista.
The system is booted using NFS to mount the root filesystem. The system
isn't able to mount the NFS root upon normal startup (without JTAG probe or
hardware reset). The MAC/PHY doesn't send any packet although the kernel
reports that everything is going well. we use the eepro100 driver. After
some reset with te JTAG probe, it send packets without problem.
Note that the interrupt lines of the 82559 are directly wired to the
Interrupt controller of the PPC (changes made and working)

Best regards,
Benoit Callebaut
Software Development Engineer
Barco | Control Rooms
Noordlaan 5, 8520 Kuurne, Belgium
Tel 	+32(0)56 36 84 28
Fax 	+32(0)56 36 86 05


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