[eepro100] wait_for_cmd_done timeout, report on installing Intel e100 driver

'Alexander Tarkhov' alex@poplar.ru
Fri Jan 24 09:38:01 2003


As described earlier in this list I experience the "eepro100: 
wait_for_cmd_done timeout!" errors
with eepro100 driver, modified version of which is incorporated in 
ASPLinux 7.3 distribution:

$dmesg | grep eepro
eepro100.c:v1.09j-t 9/29/99 Donald Becker 
eepro100.c: $Revision: 1.36 $ 2000/11/17 Modified by Andrey V. Savochkin 
<saw@saw.sw.com.sg> and others

As suggested by ASPLinux support team I successfully installed an Intel 
e100 driver, and for now it works fine.
Although I understand that e100 driver is out of the scope of this list, 
still I'd like to share my experience.
Also I'd like to point that no offense is intended to anyone on this 
list and to anyone developing other drivers.
My intention is just to describe in detail what I did and what it looked 
like, below is the step by step procedure.

With respect to all out there,
Alexander Tarkhov

(Using root account)
# Schedule reboot to ensure recovery if it throws wait_for_cmd_done again
# (I have no physical access to the machine)
shutdown -r +30

# Download, unpack and install the Intel e100 driver (as of 15/01/2003)
# Visit http://downloadfinder2.intel.com/ for the most recent release
mkdir /tmp/intel_e100
cd /tmp/intel_e100
wget ftp://aiedownload.intel.com/df-support/2896/eng/e100-2.1.29.tar.gz
tar xzf e100-2.1.29.tar.gz
cd e100-2.1.29/src
make install

# Now we are to do an rmmod/insmod thing
# I am going to use a simple script (see below),
# as I do not have physical access to machine.
# If I had, I would just enter commands one by one

# This runs my_script_e100.sh from root's homedir
# and writes both stdout and stderr to a short log
cd ~
bash my_script_e100.sh > my_script_log.log 2>&1

# At this point we have some time to test that everything works
# /sbin/lsmod, ping, /sbin/ifconfig etc.
# because if something fails we have scheduled a reboot,
# which will reload the old eepro100 again

# If it seems ok, then it's time to edit /etc/modules.conf file
# and change the line "alias eth0 eepro100" for "alias eth0 e100"
# This effectively saves our changes permanently

# Now it is your choice to cancel scheduled reboot with
# shutdown -c
# or wait for the reboot to see that your changes to /etc/modules.conf 
are effective
# That's all

# Below is the listing of my_script_e100.sh
# X.X.X.X stands for your valid IP and Netmask
/etc/rc.d/init.d/network stop
sleep 2
/sbin/rmmod eepro100
sleep 2
/sbin/insmod e100
sleep 2
/etc/rc.d/init.d/network start
sleep 2
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 X.X.X.X netmask X.X.X.X

# Below is the contents of my_script_log.log
# after the script execution
# Note: there might be some garbage instead of [OK]'s it is normal
# worse if this garbage cantains [Failed] ;-)
Shutting down interface eth0:                      [OK]
Shutting down loopback interface:              [OK]
Using /lib/modules/2.4.18-5asp/kernel/drivers/net/e100.o
Setting network parameters:                       [OK]
Bringing up loopback interface:                  [OK]
Bringing up interface eth0:                          [OK]