[eepro100] EEpro100, Red Hat 7.1, wait_for_cmd_done timeout errors

John Madden jmadden@ivytech.edu
Tue Jan 7 15:33:02 2003

>> Does it actually fix the problem?
>> And what actually causes the problem?
> There is not a single bug, but this fixes some of the problems.

Ironically, I got a page about an our ago - wait_for_cmd_done strikes
again. :)

So I got into gear, going to replace the stock eepro100.c with yours (no
kernel modules here), get into menuconfig, and I see that Intel's e100 is
now distributed with 2.4.20!

Any opinions on which to use?  Which is likely to be more reliable?

Intel's driver is GPL'd.  Will we be seeing a merge anytime soon?


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech State College