[eepro100] EEpro100, Red Hat 7.1, wait_for_cmd_done timeout errors

Jim Hribnak hribnak@nucleus.com
Sun Feb 16 05:19:29 2003

I had this problem with numerous nics running under RH 7.1 and on a dell
2450 server.

I ended up moving the 30 websites from that machine to a Dell 4400 poweredge
server (Same Nics as other server) but I decided to install RedHat 6.2 (same
server I have on a 4500 server running 500 web sites + same NICS)

Since doing that that server has not had a hiccup (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!!!!) in
close to 3 weeks!  the 2450 is still online but has no traffic to it.  it as
well has been online for 3 weeks.  I am not sure where to begin in saying
what the problem could be as thge differences between a 2450 and and a 4400
or 4500 server could be very different.  Could it be hardware? Possibly
Could it of been redhat 7.1? possibly.

I even tried new sycld drivers, I even ran the Intel Drivers.

On the RH 6.2 servers both are running 1999 drivers by becker and one other
guy.,. all seems to be running fine.


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> There were a couple threads in January on this subject.  Was there ever
> a resolution to this issue?
> I'm seeing some similar problems with the onboard NIC on a Tyan 2720
> motherboard in a small cluster, and they're really strange.  A couple of
> weeks ago, the problems stopped for no apparent reason.  Then we shipped
> the system to a client site, and they came back.
> Pretty regularly, some of the nodes lose their ethernet after being up
> for 90 minutes.  We are using the driver from Scyld, and sleep mode is
> turned off.
> Since shipping the system seems to have triggered it again, I'm a little
> suspicious of cables and connectors...
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> dbr
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