[eepro100] Dual IA-64 server, ee100.o problems

Amgad Fahmy afahmy@peco2.com
Wed Sep 11 18:53:01 2002

Ok guys;
I am running redhat 6.2 on a dell 2450
pIII 700 MHZ
With Intel i82557/8/9 EtherExpressPro100 adapter
My goal is to force the nic to work in 100 full duplex mode
I don't have mii-tool installed
I got the 
eepro100-diag, build it, still couldn't do much with it
It only accepts three switches for some reason
-a,-e & -m
How would I force the interface to go 100 Mbit fi\ull duplex..

Amgad Fahmy