[eepro100] 82557 driver can drive 82559..?

atul srivastava atul srivastava" <atulsrivastava9@rediffmail.com
Mon Sep 2 09:10:01 2002

>firmware change in a later chip caused them to take an 
>unpredictable (or
>just undocumented) amount of time.
> 	outl(0, ioaddr + SCBPointer);
> 	inl(ioaddr + SCBPointer);				/* Flush to PCI. */
> 	udelay(10);					/* Bogus, but it avoids the bug. */
> 	/* Note: these next two operations can take a while. */
> 	do_slow_command(dev, RxAddrLoad);
> 	do_slow_command(dev, CUCmdBase);

my query is that does above behaviour is indicated by 
82559/82559er cards everwhere or it also depends on
which board these cards are inserted in..?

Best Regards.
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