[eepro100] eepro100 only works with 2.4.19 kernel, not with 2.2.16

Claudio Klingler klingler@newtec.de
Thu Oct 31 04:16:02 2002


We've a CP304 CPCI Board with a 8255 ethernet chipset on which we run linux.

When i use the (self-compiled) 2.4.19 kernel with eepro100 ethernet driver,
the kernel detects both ethernet interfaces perfectly and network works.

Unfortunately, i have to use the 2.2.16 kernel version, and this kernel
(also self compiled with the same version of eepro100 ethernet driver) does
not detect the ethernet cards. Eepro prompts "no ethernet cards detected".

I also tried to compile the kernel with eepro100 as LKM with the same

Can anybody help me how to go on to get the network working?

Many thanks

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