[eepro100] Red Hat and eepro100 onboard stability

Shaiful shaifuljahari@yahoo.com
Sun Oct 6 21:55:01 2002


I'm using eepro100 with PIII(server+workstation) and
P4(workstation) running Red Hat.

The first thing you should do is to download the
eeepro-diag.c from scyld homepage and disable the
sleep mode.  Just compile it and run with -ee
argument, it will tell you what command to run for
turning off the sleep mode.

However, I found that Linux with onboard eepro100 is
not really stable for both   PIII and P4.  Sometime it
hangs and dmesg shows that I have spurious interrupt
and I'm not sure what those meant.  I've reported to
the mailing list but nobody reply.

If you running any kind of server I would suggest you
use external PCI based card. You can get second hand
3Com NIC around US$10 or may be less than that.


--- Francisco Vargas <vargasf@racsa.co.cr> wrote:
> I have the next problem (I think the same problem):
> I Have a system with Pentium 4 with Intel Chipset
> 850GB with Intel EtherExpress Pro100 built-in and 
> other system with Intel Pentium III (I don't know
> the motherboard brand and netcard brand).
> In the PIII system i install red hat 7.3 an all work
> excellent, but in the P4 system with Intel
> EtherExpress Pro100, the network work inestable.  In
> times when I use the network services (samba, nfs or
> other) my computer hungup or freeze
> I have the conclusion that problem is the network
> card Intel EtherExpress Pro100.  I see this mail 
> list.  Do you have known that problem with linux red
> hat and this hardware?
> Thanks

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