[eepro100] Apologies for the recent scam letters

David T-G davidtg@justpickone.org
Fri Oct 4 14:45:01 2002

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Donald, et al --

=2E..and then Donald Becker said...
% These emails are very difficult to filter because they
%     are mailed specifically to the list
%     have only one address on the To: line
%     don't have HTML or attachments
%     are short


% I've considered changing all of the lists to moderated until the
% Nigerian scam craze is over, but I will be attending a kernel workshop
% in Japan this week and might not have a chance to moderate the lists.

Rather than a moderated list, can you allow only members to post,
and perhaps moderate only the subscription requests?  Have you also
considered using SpamAssassin, which does an excellent job of catching
this and much other spam?  At most I'd imagine moderator approval of
anything SA catches wouldn't inhibit too much the real traffic flow and
would provide near-full-moderation protection...  Please feel free to
follow up with me if I can be of any assistance implementing SA; I've
done it a few times already and it can be quite transparent.

Thanks again for the list!

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