[eepro100] WE NEED YOUR HELP

KALOMA kaloma@golfemail.com
Thu Oct 3 06:20:57 2002


Date:October 03,2002.

Dear Sir,

You must not be surprised at the receipt of this message.
Indeed you must realise that there is always the hidden hands of
providence in the affairs of men and that we are only pencils in the
hands of the almighty creator of the universe.

The truth is that after more than Three years of incaceration at the
Kirikiri Maximum security prisons in Lagos Nigeria, the eldest son of
the late Nigerian military head of state(general Sani Abacha) was
released by the federal authorities on september 23,2002
Mr.Mohammed Abacha was being held because his late father
was said to have embezzled more than Three Billion United States
Dollars (3billion USD) when he was Nigeria's head of state.
Note that Mr.Mohammed was released after reaching an agreement with
the incumbent Nigerian head of state to refund the sum of about two
billion Dollars to the federal government.I am Alhaji Kaloma ALi
former minister of Solid Minerals under the government of late
general Sani Abacha.I was also one of the main attorneys who defended
Mohammed Abacha through the period of his travails in the hands of
the federal government even though as a former minister under
general Abacha, I am still barred by the federal authories from
travelling out of the country.

Just now I have concluded a marathon meeting with Mr.Mohammed and he
has confided in me that as he is releasing the 2 billion USD to the
federal authorities,he is also going to send out various sums of
money to foreign bank accounts provided he is sure of reliable
partners abroad who are going to receive these sums.Indeed I have
been mandated to find a reliable partner who is going to receive the
sum of Forty-Five million USD ($45million in the first instance.The
reward to such a person will be 20% of the $45million.

Again 5% of the $45million will be set out for covering the expenses
that would be incurred while processing the transfer of the
$45million from here.I am also to state that all our local bank
accounts have been frozen and that we need a partner who would be
willing to do things as fastly as we want them done.

If therefore you are capable, please come back to me on the above
stated email address or you can reach me on telephone

Kindest regards.

Alhaji Kaloma Ali