[eepro100] eepro100, weird log lines and lockup

Mikael Svenson mikaels@powertech.no
Tue Nov 26 16:11:28 2002

I'm running the latest eepro100 driver(v1.25) under linux 2.4.19

Module reports this on load:
OEM Intel i82559 rev 8 at 0xd8e59000, 00:08:02:AF:C5:A6, IRQ 5.
Board assembly 010555-002, Physical connectors present: RJ45
Primary interface chip i82555 PHY #1.

>From lspci:
Compaq Computer Corporation NC3134 Fast Ethernet NIC (dual port)

I have lines like this all the time and I'm wondering what they are?

Nov 26 21:08:32 proxy kernel: Command 00 was not immediately accepted, 101 
Nov 26 21:09:18 proxy kernel: Command 80 was not immediately accepted, 114 
Nov 26 21:12:08 proxy kernel: Command 80 was not immediately accepted, 129 

And after anything from 8-20h the network interface locks up, and I have 
to reboot the machine to get it working again. The machine is heavily 
loaded with network traffic all the time.

(I do get the same lockup with the Intel e100 driver)

Any insight on the matter would be appreciated (and I after browsing the 
web it seems using the eepro100 with huge load is a looser combo)

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