[eepro100] 100FD but works like 100HD Redhat 7.x

Katty Torla/UPC katty.torla@upc.es
Thu Nov 21 06:22:00 2002


I have a problem with my system. The server is Linux Redhat and the switchs
are 3com 3300XM.

I've proved diferents things:

OS Linux Redhat 7.0   ( kernel 2.2.16-22 )  i 7.3 ( kernel 2.4.18-3)
Networks drivers: eepro100 and e100 differents versions: the original with
the software and the actuals versions in sycld and intel
Utilities used:  eepro100-diag, mii-diag (last versions) I've proved also
disable sleep mode in eepro100
The switches have the last version 2.69

The NIC and the switch port are allways in the same configuration:
autonegotiation enable or disable...forced speed and duplex mode
...depending of the prove

But allways the same behaviour:  the transfer speed is the corresponding to
a half duplex configuration, not the 100 Full Duplex.

Thank you,