[eepro100] Problem with 82559 driver

Agarwal, Lomesh lomesh.agarwal@intel.com
Thu May 30 16:54:00 2002

I took 82559 driver for IQ80310 RedBoot and ported it to my platform.
I82559_init passes successfully and I can find the device and its BARs are
initialized properly. But the problem is that I don't see any data packet
coming out on wire (I hooked the NIC to IXIA which is a packet analyzer)
when I try to ping a host. I am using static IP address. Another thing is
that my board has 82559ER in place of 82559.
When I do a ping TxMachine function is called and it starts a tx operation.
Then I see TxMachine being called again. This time it goes to tx_in_progress
block and there I find SCB status as 0x10 and it assumes that CU is idle.
But I don't see any packet coming out.
Can someone give me some hint as to what may be possibly wrong?
Also can someone point me to the document which has all the "command unit
command" and "receive unit command". I downloaded 82559er datasheet from
Intel website but that doesn't
have this info.