[eepro100] How to make eepro100 to receive pkt > 1514 ?

Christoph Plattner christoph.plattner@alcatel.at
Mon Mar 18 02:56:00 2002

As far I know, 1514 is the maximum of that can be transfered by the
chip. This represents the highler level MTU from 1500 bytes plus
the 14 bytes ethernet specific haeder for the Source and Destination
MAC address (2 x 6 bytes) and the protocol type header (2 bytes),
which are 14 bytes. The 1500 resepctive 1514 is AFAIK defined in the
ethernet standard, and some chips may support non standard frames.

I hope, I tell you not wrong things, but this is from my experience
with this chip and with other NIC stuff.

With friendly regards
Christoph Plattner

wyb wrote:
> I'm working on a firewall project, this firewall is designed to support switch trunk,
> such as 802.1q or CISCO isl. So it must be able to receive packet size > 1514.
> I changed PKT_BUF_SZ from 1536 to 1572, but it didn't work. Can any give suggesstion ?
> Mail answer to me for I dit not subscribe to this list.
> Thanks
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