AW: [eepro100] 82559ER

Christoph Plattner
Fri Mar 8 02:30:01 2002

IMO, you have two possibilities:

(1) Stay on the PXE: Use GNU GRUB, which deliveres a PXE diskless
of the GNU GRUB. This bootloader GRUB is one of the best I have ever
and used. After GRUB is bootsrapped, GRUB can load quite nearly all OSes
locally or from net. Also the menu|config file can be loaded from net
an organized centrally.

(2) You use `etherboot' (replace net-boot ROM contents) and you can boot
the desired OS directly or (my prefered solution) you use the GRUB
image to load via `etherboot', and then see GRUB in (1).


With friendly regards
Christoph Plattner

Bernd Stahlbock wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm just looking for an BootOnLan solution for a embedded PC Board with a
> 559er on it. Does anybody has a solution already?
> Can I use the normal PXE files and just patch the chip ID? Would this work?
> best regards
> Bernd Stahlbock