[eepro100] eepro100 and Compaq Evo N600c Notebook

Roman Hochleitner roman@mars.zserv.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Jul 19 08:37:00 2002

i'm having problems with the builtin eepro100 device in the evo N600c.
i use this notebook as a diskless client booting from the net.
the notebook is connected via a crosslink cable to my server which uses a
3com 509 10Mbit ISA card, which is set to half duplex.

i'm using linux kernel v2.2.18 with the current eepro100 driver which i
dewloaded recently from the net (v 1.23 6/5/2002) which recognises the
eepro100 card in the notebook (because the standard driver from the
kernel didn't)

the driver seems to work but there are a lot of error messages and eth
restarts and thus it is very slow and uncomfortable. the error messages
that mess up my screen look like this:

Command 0080 was not immediately accepted, 10001 ticks (there are usually
alot of this messages)
eth0: Transmit timed out: status 0050 0080 at 31500/3150c
      commands 000c0000 000c0000 000c0000
eth0: Restarting the chip ...

it seems that there are far more errors when the power supply cable is
NOT attached.

any idea what is wrong? is my 3c509 causing this or do i have to set the
eepro100 to 10Mbit half duplex somehow? or is the eepro100 chip in the
Evo N600c not fully compatible with the standard card?

thanx in advance for your time and for any suggestions

mfg Roman
Roman HOCHLEITNER              roman@mars.tuwien.ac.at
student at the Vienna University of Technology AUSTRIA