[eepro100] automatic detection of media

Deepak Chawla chawla_deepak@hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 17:54:02 2002

Thanks Don,
The script on RedHat 7.1 is mii-tool, and works almost as you said it would. 
With just about 2 lines of script, I got it to work just the way I wanted.


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>On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, Deepak Chawla wrote:
> > I'm using eepro100.o for my ethernet card (on Toshiba 2805 S202).
> > While trying to initialize eth0 on bootup, it takes quite a while before 
> > driver gives up on initialization if it is not connected to the LAN.
>Presumably DHCP...
> > I'm currently handling this by forcing the rc.sysinit to confirm
> > initialization of eth0 during bootup, and then pressing Y/N as the case 
> > be.
>You can use the exit status from mii-diag:
>    mii-diag --status eth0
>Look for exit status '2', which means no link beat.
> > I was wondering if there is a more elegant way of doing this, like
> > decreasing the timeout, or better still a way for automatic detection of
> > media so that as soon as the computer is "wired", it brings up the
> > interface, and brings it down again when the media is no longer present.
>There is no elegant way.  You will have to poll the interface with
>'mii-diag'.  You might think that this is wasteful, but the system would
>end up polling anyway, and by transferring the polling policy to the
>user code we don't pretend that the operation is free.
>Note that there will always be a race between briefly seeing link beat
>and sending out the DHCP request.
>You'll want to change the DHCP timeout to a much shorter value.  If you
>don't get a response in two seconds, you won't be getting one.
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