[eepro100] how do i upgrade the driver?

Gary Peltola - WHN garyp@www-hosting.net
Sun Jan 27 03:06:01 2002

I am running 2.4.14 kernel RH 7.1

I have got alot of sproratic outages on my server and it might do with the eepro100, i got the Intel Corp. 82557 [Ethernet Pro 100]

but no clue on how to update the drivers

Wouldnt all i have to do is overwrite my current eepro100.c with this one?


I installed the diag-tool and ran that btw

OR? do i have to put the eepro100.c somewhere else and ???? how do i compilie it if thats what i gatta do?

Also, i see alot about modules//built-in, how would i know if this driver was built in or a module?

thanks :)