[eepro100] automatic detection of media

Deepak Chawla chawla_deepak@hotmail.com
Sun Jan 27 02:53:01 2002

I'm using eepro100.o for my ethernet card (on Toshiba 2805 S202).
While trying to initialize eth0 on bootup, it takes quite a while before the 
driver gives up on initialization if it is not connected to the LAN.
I'm currently handling this by forcing the rc.sysinit to confirm 
initialization of eth0 during bootup, and then pressing Y/N as the case may 

I was wondering if there is a more elegant way of doing this, like 
decreasing the timeout, or better still a way for automatic detection of 
media so that as soon as the computer is "wired", it brings up the 
interface, and brings it down again when the media is no longer present.


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